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RW Hampton - Cadillac


August 2, 2019

By R.W. Hampton

I was cleaning out my office and ran across this Kurt Markus photo from an old Western Horseman Magazine article dated September 1981. After all these years I still remember this rangy, stockin’ legged, blaze faced, 4yr old with great fondness! He really tested me and taught me a lot. Through the days weeks and months out with the wagon, we became very close. He came to be called “Cadillac” because of his long, smooth, country covering trot. When I left the old Quien Sabe Ranch, the boss put him in his string. Now I know ol Cadillac is long since gone but I’ll always remember him as the best “outside circle” horse this Canadian River CowPuncher ever rode!

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  1. Eloise says:

    You write so well! I’m looking forward to some more stories.

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