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Input Needed…

November 17, 2014

By R.W. Hampton

Yes…. we need your help!

And I’ve drug out the “cute puppy” ploy to get your attention!

You see, I released my new album a couple of weeks ago but being the “one-stop shop” that independent labels are, we ran out of time (*and money) to get the website built and current for the release!  So, now that the album is out, Lisa and I are working on making some updates to the website and I am here to ask for your help…  complete with pleading puppy dog eyes….

Yes, we know it’s a mess right now but before we make a bunch of changes we want to make sure we are meeting your current needs & what you look for when you go to a website versus following a social media page in today’s world of instant gratification….

First off, can you let us know what pages you go to from the home page on band/musician’s websites?

Secondly, what do you like to find on websites & what do you tend to skip over?

Thirdly, Why are you going to the site? To make a purchase, see a schedule of appearances or learn about an artist that is new to you?

Lastly, how important are photographs, videos, and news articles?  What about the bio & discography? Do you read their blogs?

Do you look for certain things in the “store” pages and do you download songs from an artist directly or from a major supplier like iTunes or Amazon?

All comments are welcome as this is an investment that we want to do right! I look forward to hearing what you want & creating a fun place to visit!

PS – If you want to email me about my  “old” site right now please feel free. The address is rwhampton (at sign) rwhampton.com & just for stopping by if you order anything by phone (1-800-392-0822) or online use the CODE: WebHelp to get $2.00 off your order of $10.00 or more! (oh yeah, and feel free to share! Aren’t those eyes adorable?)

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  1. Barbara says:

    Miss you guys and this is one way to know what you are up to. Your Mom and I E-mail and I sometimes read your Brother’s blog. Mostly, I like to look at pictures of the boys. Not the usual fan reply.

  2. This may be too late, but I am always looking for where you will be playing next (including your ranch concerts).

  3. My husband and I are always checking to see when you will be near us(Chattanooga, north Alabama).
    We love seeing your website and photos of you and your family. I’m sorry we didn’t respond to this request sooner. Our son Sam works at Philmont every summer(this is his 4th summer) and he loved coming to your ranch. We’d love to see you again soon!!

  4. Found you by searching for cowboy music. It’s very hard to find the quality music that you provide. The tour schedule is important. I would attend any concert that I can drive to in Southern California.

    I buy all of my music on iTunes, so I can play it on my devices (office, iPad, iPhone, etc.)

    I haven’t updated my website in years and I need to!

    Keep up the high quality music!

  5. Carol Lewis says:

    Sure was happy to see your name pop up on my phone this morning, brought a smile on my face. Sure miss those days with you and Don Cates… We just had a Family reunion at Red River the weekend of June 16, 17 &’18… Wished you could have been with us…were not only friends were family. Miss seeing you and your beautiful family… GOD BLESS YOU ALL, AND ALL YOU DO!!!

  6. Donna Honeycutt says:

    Found a copy of your cd “I Believe” which is signed (probably from an Estate sale). Love your music. Went to your website to find out more about you and your music.

    Wanted to ask permission to use your Wedding Song. At 66 years, I am planning my third wedding, my 68 year old fiance’s second. I want a unique service with music that puts God in the forefront of the service. Possibility of using it as a teaching tool in church’s for couples.

  7. Debbie Sauble says:

    RW will be in Pigeon Forge March 2 & 3, 2018
    Hope to see you there!

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