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RW Hampton - Levi's Jeans

Levi’s Jeans

April 26, 2019

By R.W. Hampton

Did I tell ya I was once a model for Levi’s jeans? (politics weren’t an issue back then).

Yup, it was back in about 1985.

Magazines, billboards and even their radio ads.

Pretty much my only appearance in GQ, Esquire and of all things…


At the time $1,000 and ALL the jeans I could wear, was a big deal! I was pretty thankful to my friend Kurt Markus for the job.
Kurt has photographed an amazing list of who’s who’s in the world of fashion, sports and fancy coffee table art books but he started in the western world.

The billboards featured a horizontal shot Kurt took of me sitting in those Levi’s on my horse looking out over the horizon – taken on the UU Bar Ranch off Hwy 21 – not far from where we call home now.

Kurt took this photo at the Chase Ranch, also here near Cimarron, NM.

If y’all still have any copies of the magazines or pictures of the billboard… I think Lisa wants to make sure the jeans were on. 😉

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