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Ready To Subscribe?

You can use the web browser you are viewing this page with, just click the RSS icon you see in the URL address bar above.

Or you can use a stand alone RSS reader. If you use one of those you'll need this link:


Need more info? Keep reading.

What Is An RSS Feed?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS feeds provide summaries of web site content allowing frequent users to easily track site updates and additions without having to actually visit the site. Lots of news organizations use RSS to provide subscribers with current news events. The biggest advantage of using and RSS feed is that you don't have to visit a web site, the information comes to you.

What Will The RSS Feed Do For Me?

R.W.'s RSS feed provides you with current news and tour dates. All news items and tour dates are included the the feed. If you subscribe to the feed you will receive updates about news and tour dates as soon as they are published on the web site. Again, you don't have to worry about coming to the website and checking for new information. It wil lcome directly to you!

How Do I Subscribe?

The first thing you need is a "news reader." There are a variety of options available. Most "modern" web browsers have built in RSS capabilities which allow you to view RSS feeds from directly within the browser itself. These include Safari 2 & 3, Firefox 2 & 3, Opera 9 and Internet Explorer 7. You will know that an RSS feed is available from a particular site if you see the RSS logo in the URL address bar (Internet Explorer displays an icon in the menu bar). Simply click on the RSS logo to view the feed. There are also many "stand alone" programs which you may download and install on your computer. All of these options allow you to display and subscribe to the RSS feeds you want.

Which Method Should I Use?

Either method (viewing RSS feeds within your browser or installing a stand alone program) will work. The main advantage to using a stand alone program is that you can subscribe to as many feeds as you want. Then, every time you open the program, all of your feeds will be automatically updated. This way you can browse multiple feeds from one easy location. For instance, you might have feeds from R.W., USA Today, CMA, The New York Times and lots more. Some people just subscribe to a few feeds. Others have been known to subscribe to hundreds! If you use a browser you'll have to navigate to each feed you wish to browse. So, using a stand alone program can make feeds much more efficient.

Recommended Programs

We recommend FeedDemon for Windows users and their sister product, NetNewsWire for Macintosh users. These are the best RSS stand alone programs we have found. And both are free! Not only that, they allow you to synch with NewsGator to also read all your feeds in one easy place on the web if you are away from your computer.

OK, How Do I Start?

If you wish to use a web browser to view and/or subscribe to the feed you can see the RSS icon at the right hand side of the URL bar on R.W.'s Home page, his News page, his Tour page or this page. There's only one feed, we just make it available in these three places.

If you wish to use a stand alone RSS reader use this address to subscribe to R.W.'s feed:


Have Questions?

Feel free to contact our for help.

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