American Cowboy Magazine

American Cowboy Picks “Born To Be A Cowboy” by R.W. Hampton Among Top 20 Cowboy Songs

April 2, 2014

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO — American Cowboy Magazine has named R.W. Hampton’s “Born To Be A Cowboy” among the Top 20 Cowboy Songs of the Past 20 Years.

In the current issue of the prestigious magazine, noted cowboy music radio host Charley Engel chose Hampton’s 1994 song, saying “One mark of success is how many times your song has been covered.  There are no less than nine versions by other top artists.”

Other notable names on the list include Riders In The Sky, Michael Martin Murphey, Joni Harms, Tom Russell and Don Edwards.

Late last year, the magazine named Hampton among the top 50 singers of all time of Country Western Music alongside artists like Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Gene Autry and Roy Rogers. Hampton, a multi-award winning singer-songwriter of American Cowboy Music, is currently preparing for the release of his next album, This Cowboy (release date TBA).

With fans from all walks of life,  Hampton is loved by cowboys, cowgirls, ranch  hands and rodeo stars, as well as by people who have never seen a cow up close — or cared to.  A singer, songwriter, actor and entertainer, Hampton is known for his patriotism, his family values and Christian beliefs.

Blessed with a wonderfully rich  baritone voice, his songs and genuineness resonate with audiences worldwide.  Hampton is currently preparing for the release of his latest album “This Cowboy,” on which Hampton celebrates the lifestyle of the American West.  “There’s something about the West and the spirit of the people who live here,” Hampton says.  “It will always be changing and always be different, but it will always live on.  The West is not just a place.  It’s like an actual character, and it’s certainly not dead.”

Hampton has lived what he sings about, and the world of early mornings, hard work, rough horses, maverick cattle and new ranges fits him.  After twenty-two years in the entertainment business and over 15 national awards from his peers, R.W. is still pure cowboy; singing about what he loves best.

He is today’s voice of American Cowboy Music.