I Believe (2005)

R.W. Hampton - I Believe

Since my first inspirational album, Then Sings My Soul, life has dealt me the usual ups and downs but I celebrate the fact that I’m still here enjoying it while I await the day I’ll meet my Savior in person. The outpouring of love from folks after the first album gave me the incentive to work on this new one, and although this will be my second primarily Christian album, I want to be clear that this is really just a celebration of faith and personal testimony. So many people in our world today confuse being religious with being a Christian. They are not the same, as you can be religious about many things and still not know Christ. This album is not about religion; it is about simple faith and what I believe. I hope you enjoy it. – R.W.

* 2006 Western Music Association Song of the Year: “For the Freedom”

Tracks Include:

  1. He Bought My Soul (Stuart Hamblen)
  2. I Believe (Drake, Graham, Shirl, Stillman)
  3. How Big is God (Stewart Hamblen)
  4. Someone Much Greater Than I (R.W. Hampton)
  5. This Ole House (Stuart Hamblen)
  6. Wedding Song (Will You Be Mine) (R.W. Hampton)
  7. Until Then (Stuart Hamblen)
  8. For the Freedom (R.W. Hampton)
  9. Known Only To Him (Stuart Hamblen)
  10. The Master’s In Everything (R.W. Hampton)
  11. Homeward Bound (R.W. Hampton)

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