Oklahoma…Where The West Remains! (2007)

Oklahoma...Where The West Remains - R.W. Hampton

The story of Oklahoma is the story of the West. R.W. brings that history alive in this 33 track, one hour and eight minute journey in story and song commemorating the 2007 Centennial of Oklahoma’s statehood. On Oklahoma . . . Where The West Remains! R.W.’s rich baritone voice is complimented by the authentic cowboy band arrangements of guitar virtuoso and album producer Rich O’ Brien and the lush orchestrations of the Enid, Oklahoma Symphony Orchestra.

Oklahoma . . . Where The West Remains! takes the listener on a hundred-year musical and factual journey, visiting the Native Americans, Buffalo Soldiers, Cattle Drovers, Ranch Hands, Settlers and Seekers, Industrialists and Artisans, Cowboys and Characters that formed the fabric of the Sooner State as R.W. sings of the people, places and spirit that made up – and continue to make up – this wonderful place we call the West.

2008 Western Heritage Award winner, Outstanding Traditional Western Album (National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum)

Tracks Include:

  1. Where the West Remains: Overture (Edna Mae Holden, Richard E. O’Brien)
  2. Intro To The Story (Edna Mae Holden)
  3. Where The West Remains (Edna Mae Holden, Richard E. O’Brien)
  4. Before The Journey (Edna Mae Holden)
  5. The Journey (R.W. Hampton)
  6. Run Of The Cherokee Outlet (Edna Mae Holden)
  7. Native Peoples (Edna Mae Holden)
  8. Words On Talking Leaves (Richard E. O’Brien)
  9. Keeper Of The Plains (Edna Mae Holden)
  10. Up The Trail To Kansas (Edna Mae Holden)
  11. A Cowboy I Will Stay (Edna Mae Holden, R.W. Hampton)
  12. Wick Doss (Edna Mae Holden)
  13. Wish I’d Stayed In Jail (Richard O’Brien)
  14. Cowboys (Edna Mae Holden)
  15. 101 Ranch Cowboy (Richard E. O’Brien, Edna Mae Holden)
  16. Alway The Weather (Edna Mae Holden)
  17. Dusty Skies (Cindy Walker)
  18. What Beautiful Country (Edna Mae Holden)
  19. Oklahoma Hills (Jack Guthrie, Woody Guthrie)
  20. Faith (Edna Mae Holden)
  21. On Jordan’s Stormy Banks (Traditional)
  22. It’s Worth Coming Home (Edna Mae Holden)
  23. Oklahoma Towns (Edna Mae Holden, Merle Harmon)
  24. Bob Wills (Edna Mae Holden)
  25. We’ve Taken Bob Back To Tulsa (Richard O’Brien)
  26. Legends & Icons (Edna Mae Holden)
  27. Will Rogers’ Last Flight (Tim Spencer, R.W. Hampton)
  28. The Beauty Of The State (Edna Mae Holden)
  29. The Everlasting Hills Of Oklahoma (Tim Spencer)
  30. Freedom Isn’t Free (Edna Mae Holden)
  31. For The Freedom (R.W. Hampton)
  32. Where The West Remains: Finale (Edna Mae Holden, Richard E. O’Brien)
  33. Where The West Remains: Soliloguy (Edna Mae Holden, Richard E. O’Brien)

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