Our First Noel (2005)

Our First Noel - R.W. Hampton

What do you get when you combine four of Western music’s top award winners in the same album? Answer: a sensational CD! And this one’s sure to brighten the holidays for everyone! The vocalists are at their very best, and the musicians and arrangements are superb. This is not a typical Christmas CD, repeating songs we’ve all heard a million times. To be sure, there are a few Christmas classics. For example, R.W. Hampton delivers a most enjoyable rendition of “Mary’s Little Boy Child,” and Belinda Gail sings a perfectly beautiful “Mary Did You Know,” the best version I’ve ever heard. But there are lots of originals as well, and several of the 14 selections are, very appropriately, Western Christmas songs. – O.J. Sikes, Host of “Western Music Time,” BostonPete.com

Tracks Include:

  1. Two Step Round The Christmas Tree, Gail & Musgrave (Bogguss, Crider)
  2. This Year My Christmas Wish Is Mexico, Calahan (Hanforrd, Tinkhem)
  3. Long Canyon Christmas, Hampton (Hampton)
  4. Mary Did You Know, Gail (Green, Lowry)
  5. Christmas Cookies, Musgrave with Jarid, Isaac & Kathi (Barker)
  6. The Meaning Of Christmas, Calahan (Calahan)
  7. Mary’s Little Boy Child, Hampton (Hairston)
  8. Til The Season Comes Around Again, Musgrave (Jarvis, Goodrum)
  9. Cowboy Christmas Eve, Calahan (Calahan, Moore, Bagwell, & Bagwell)
  10. Wrapped In Glory, Musgrave & Gail (Gail, Musgrave)
  11. When My Heart Finds Christmas, Hampton, (Connick)
  12. What Child Is This, Gail (Dix)
  13. Once Upon A Christmas, Calahan, Gail, Musgrave & Hampton (Marks)
  14. Traditional Christmas Medley, Calahan, Gail, Musgrave & Hampton (Public Domain)

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