The Last Cowboy (1999)

The Last Cowboy - R.W. Hampton

The Last Cowboy – His Journey is both a reflection of R.W.’s own journey and of the trail on which America’s Cowboys have found themselves. Combining lyrics and excerpts from his one-man play, R.W. successfully layers the album with emotion and refreshing new sounds.

Winner of the 2000 Wrangler Director’s Choice Award for Excellence in Dramatic Presentation and Original Music CompositionThe Last Cowboy – His Journey features a total of 22 tracks.

2000 Western Heritage Director’s Award winner, Excellence in Dramatic Presentation and Original Music Composition (National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum)

Tracks Include:

  1. Born To Be A Cowboy – Prelude (R.W. Hampton)
  2. Howdy And A Handshake (Maquis, Hampton, Hampton)
  3. Journey (R.W. Hampton)
  4. Night Rider’s Lament (Michael Burton)
  5. Shenandoah (Traditional)
  6. Headed West To Fort Worth/Whoope Ti Yi Yo (Marquis, Hampton, Hampton)
  7. Wild Young Horses (Marquis, Hampton, Hampton)
  8. Jake & L.C. In Yellowstone (Marquis, Hampton, Hampton)
  9. Autumn Melody (R.W. Hampton)
  10. Canadian River Waltz (R.W. Hampton)
  11. Preacher & Deacon/Precious Memories (Marquis, Hampton, Hampton/Traditional)
  12. Ghost Riders In The Sky (Stan Jones)
  13. Ballad Of Hazel O’Neil (Jeff Hampton)
  14. Texas, The Springtime And You (R.W. Hampton)
  15. Cowpoke (Stan Jones)
  16. Travelin’ Light (R.W. Hampton)
  17. Back In The Saddle Again (Gene Autry & Ray Whitley)
  18. Ten Line Movie (Marquis, Hampton, Hampton)
  19. Sunset Trail (R.W. Hampton)
  20. Sancho (R.W. Hampton)
  21. Ranges of My Mind (R.W. Hampton)
  22. Born To Be A Cowboy – Reprise (R.W. Hampton)

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