This Cowboy (2014)

R.W. Hampton - This Cowboy

If there was ever an album that showcased R.W.’s heart, this is it. A strong mixture of R.W.’s traditional cowboy lifestyle, his Western heritage, loving tributes to life-long friends, and straight from the heart musical stories for America and her Veterans.

This Cowboy, is the first of a set of 2 CDs from R.W. that include a few recognizable cover songs like “El Paso”, thrown into a mix of songs penned by Hampton with co-writes by his wife and others, along with a handful of wonderful new songs and spoken-word pieces from other contemporary writers. All original recordings, featuring some of the leading studio musicians in the business.

Tracks Include:

  1. Don’t Tell Me (Mike Beck)
  2. Hell in a Helmet (Lisa & R.W. Hampton)
  3. My Country’s Not for Sale (Lisa & R.W. Hampton)
  4. Jesus Take a Hold (Merle Haggard)
  5. Ragged Old Flag (Johnny Cash)
  6. Bass Reeves (R.W. Hampton, Edna Mae Holden)
  7. Comanche (Frances Bandy, Johnny Horton)
  8. Letting Go (R.W. Hampton, Hal Spencer)
  9. Angel in Levis (R.W. Hampton)
  10. I’d Like to Be in Texas (Carl Copeland, Jack Williams)
  11. El Paso (Marty Robbins)
  12. Driftin’ Cowboy (R.W. Hampton)
  13. Physical CD Bonus Track: Freedom Never Sleeps (John Mitchum)

The second CD, My Country, is scheduled to release Spring/Summer of 2015.


Order online or by phone at 1-800-392-0822.