Troubadour (2003)

Troubadour - R.W. Hampton

Troubadour is a collection of stories that tell the history of the founding of the West with the central character being the Cowboy.

Troubadour features twenty songs performed in classic Western style, songs that tell of the early pioneers, the War Between the States, the trail herds, the Pony Soldiers, the Iron Horse, buffalo hunters and desperados, romance found and love lost. “The troubadours, who influenced the title of the album, were, by definition, knightly lyric poets and composers who wrote mainly about love and chivalry and composed ecstatic, lyrical love songs,” says R.W. “They would sing ballads of lost love and heroic deeds that they may have personally experienced or observed firsthand in their travels.”

Tracks Include:

  1. The Troubadour (Cindy Walker)
  2. A Red, Red Rose (Burns & Lt. Henches)
  3. The Oregon Trail (De Rose & Hill)
  4. Aura Lee (Fosdick & Poulton)
  5. Katy Wells (Unknown)
  6. North To Kansas (Guy& Pipp Gillette)
  7. Rock Of Ages/Shall We Gather At The River (Hastings & Toplady)
  8. Yellow Strips/Garryowen (Stan Jones)
  9. Cole Younger (Unknown)
  10. The Buffalo Skinners (Unknown)
  11. What Have You Got Planned Tonight Diana? (Dave Kirby)
  12. One More Ride (Bob Nolan)
  13. Bill Venero (Unknown)
  14. Rose Of The San Joaguin/Tramps & Hawkers (Tom Russell & Ian Tyson)
  15. Curly Joe (Unknown)
  16. Old Faithful (Carr & Kennedy)
  17. It’s Only Me (R.W. Hampton)
  18. Silver Trails (Jimmy Wakely)
  19. After All These Years (Kennedy & Coleman)
  20. Cowboy True (Jim “Curly” Musgrave)

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