Grandpa Jack


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Get your autographed copy of Grandpa Jack by, R.W.’s brother and co-author of The Last Cowboy play, Jeff Hampton while supplies last.

“Is it time?” Jack asked, already knowing the answer. “Yes, Jack, everyone’s waiting for you. The hall is bursting at the seams with your friends. And all the networks have their people in place. All that’s missing is you.” “What will I say, Billy?” “Just go down there and tell them what’s on your mind. Just like always.” Jack nodded appreciatively, pulled open the door, and walked into the light and noise. Few people among the hundreds of millions that have populated the United States have stood where Jack Dodger stood on that November night. The odds of anyone getting to that place in time were extremely high-even more so for a man like Jack Dodger. After a lifetime of struggles, Jack Dodger wants nothing more than to spend his retirement playing cards with old friends at the barbershop in East Dallas. But everything changes on New Year’s Eve when a burglar bursts through the door and takes Jack into the night at gunpoint. Jack returns safely home the next morning but with a secret and a story that will propel him into the spotlight and onto the biggest stage in America: the race for President of the United States. Will Grandpa Jack win the election? And will he survive the process? What will he learn about himself and his country along the way? Join Grandpa Jack on a journey that takes him from coast to coast and from the depth of disillusionment to the pinnacle of pride.