R.W. Hampton - This Cowboy

RW Hampton Releases Long-Anticipated This Cowboy!

November 1, 2014

Music lovers are discovering RW Hampton’s brand-spanking new This Cowboy,  which was released nationally just last week!

Here are a couple of early comments:

“Perfect blend of Western with an edginess not found on previous albums. The man loves his Country, his cowboy way of life, his family, his God and our Veterans and it seeps into every song!”

“This Cowboy is an album sure to please anyone who likes an honest Western song polished just enough to make it shine.”

It’s clear why RW is being called “Today’s Voice of the American West” with this groundbreaking collection that includes hit singles “Hell in a Helmet,” “My Country’s Not For Sale” and his newest, “Jesus Take A Hold.”

If there was ever an album that showcased R.W.’s heart, this is it. A strong mixture of R.W.’s traditional cowboy lifestyle, his Western heritage, loving tributes to life-long friends, and straight from the heart musical stories for America and her Veterans.

This Cowboy, is the first of a set of 2 CDs from R.W. that include a few recognizable cover songs like “El Paso”, thrown into a mix of songs penned by Hampton with co-writes by his wife and others, along with a handful of wonderful new songs and spoken-word pieces from other contemporary writers. All original recordings, featuring some of the leading studio musicians in the business.