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Turning the Mares Out

Posted on: July 1st, 2012 by Lisa Hampton 1 Comment
Hank enjoying some green grass

Hank enjoying the green grass we have right now.

It’s no secret that I love photography.  The problem is that with these digital cameras now days, I take so many pictures I often forget to go back and look at what I’ve shot.

Today I had to go take a quick couple of pictures for our insurance agent (Hi Johnny!) of a horse trailer.  Seems like a simple enough request.

But as I went back towards the house the sun was so pretty that I found myself out in the pasture taking pictures of the horses.

Big Un, at 35 still enjoys a "fresh green salad"

Big Un, at 35 still enjoys a "fresh green salad"

Then, when I got back to the office and diligently went to upload my insurance pictures I ran across these.

They are from late in the spring when we turned a few mares out into the pasture with a stud to be bred.

The "mares"

These are "the mares", Molly, Lexi & Tink

R.W.’s job was pretty simple; drive the little bunch of ladies across one pasture and into another with Mr Studly and three other mares to make a little band.  Normally herding a few mares is not too bad of a job so R.W. chose to ride our son’s gelding that morning as he was in need of a “tune up” from Dad anyway.

Headed West

Headed West

You would think that the “girls” would go for this romantic relocation and pasture vacation.  But no!

Molly trying to duck out

Molly is trying to duck out on R.W. & Chester to o back to her beau.

Ms Molly the head mare decided that morning that she was in love with Ethan’s old gelding Big Un.  (For more about Big Un, what his job is on the ranch & how old he really is read my previous post “Babysitter“.)  

Free again and headed East.

Lexi & Tink are free again and headed East.

Big Un of course was across the fence encouraging her love with nickers and whinnys.

Sisters... could you tell?

Sisters... could you tell?

And so, R.W. set out on his quick job only to find out that once he got the mares almost to the gate across the pasture old Molly would split from the group and cut back on him back to Big Un.

Love is so blind.

Lined out once more...with the help of a little cowdog.

Lined out once more...with the help of a little cowdog.

R.W. did finally get his “girls” headed in one wad through the gate to meet their new suitor in the next pasture over and wouldn’t you know it, Molly forgot all about Ol’ Big Un the minute she met Mr. Studly and I’m pretty sure from the ensuing activity that we may have another cute colt next spring, maybe three if we are lucky.

Meeting this year's Mr Right.

Meeting this year's Mr Right.

Fickle women.

Gathering up his new harem.

First order of business: Gathering up his new harem.


Big Un who???

Big Un who?

Now, back to emailing those trailer pictures… I wonder where I saved them?


R.W.’s New Chaps – guest post by Mrs. R.W. Hampton (aka Lisa)

Posted on: July 31st, 2011 by Lisa Hampton 11 Comments

It was R.W.’s birthday recently. I won’t mention how old he is now. He would like to think he is 35: old enough to know better, but young enough to still have lots of fun ahead. I think some of us would be happy with 39. Again.

RW’s birthday and Father’s Day fall so close together that he usually gets cheated on one end or the other in the gift department. (Creativity on my part only goes so far, you know.)

Ironically, our ten year old saved me this year from the struggle of coming up with the perfect gift. You see, C.D. is a big kid, and growing bigger. Last summer he had to go without chaps because he was growing so fast that he  grew out of his old ones and we never got time to find a new pair. For some reason, there weren’t any hand-me-downs from the big brothers around either. So this spring in his hunt for leggings (another name for long chaps), he discovered that he fit in R.W.’s. And R.W., being the loving Cowboy Dad that he is, let him wear them a few times – except that he never got them back. 

Now for the hard part. I just had to pick out a top quality chap maker that would please my husband.

Fortunately for me, we have one right here in Cimarron who does a fantastic job. Thank you, Casey Jeffers & Cimarron West!

The Chaps – which, by the way, are pronounced “The Shaps” – were very well received. We joked on Facebook that R.W. might not take them off. 

And then someone asked for a picture.

And so the next day, when the boys went down to the barn to ride, I tagged along with my camera under the pretense of taking pictures of the boys and horses. …

So here are The Chaps:

Aren’t they pretty? Okay, Cowboys probably don’t want their chaps called “pretty,” … but they are!

I feel a little like a secret agent on assignment. Secretly gathering evidence and stealthily snapping away. Yes, I was beginning to feel more like Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, every moment.

My target, unaware that my zoom lens is focused in on his derriere, goes about his job.

Zooming in closer…

Nice Chaps. Hmm, I think I got carried away there.

And off to the arena they went: my Cowboy, his horse, and his new chaps.

His horse, Hank, caught me. And posed.

And then it was time to ride.

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. My assignment was to get good shots of those new chaps. Getting on Hank was the perfect time for some great shots, right? Gratuitous butt shots were just one of the perks of my job, right? Levis, Wranglers, Cinch … they all look pretty good with a pair of nice looking chaps. It’s the chaps we’re looking at, right? (Ladies, this is all you get … he’s mine and I’m not sharing.)

Aren’t those chaps pretty? Sorry… handsome? I think Casey did a great job.

He still thinks I’m taking pictures of the horse … Hank, you are a poser!

And off they go. To check the few cattle we have, to make sure the fence doesn’t have holes, or in this case it was just up to the house to find our youngest little buckaroo, who went back for a popsicle while Daddy was getting his horse caught.

Here is a close up of Casey’s workmanship. (Really, I just liked this photo and thought you might too.) R.W. still hasn’t discovered that his paparazzi isn’t just interested in his horse.

I liked this shot of the fringe and his spurs, I even like the tail of his rope hanging down. The spurs, by the way, were made by our longtime friend in Texas, Craig Danner

Cowboys and cowboy craftsmen seem to like to put their names or their brands on everything;  spurs, bits, saddles … I think it’s cool. Kind of their Izod of the West. My husband is no exception. I guess that is why it is SOOO important that your little cowboy children have names with great initials.

On a similar note, this bit was a Christmas/Anniversary/Valentine’s Day present from yours truly several years ago. It was also made by a neighbor and fantastic artisan, Gene Klein, who lives about a mile from our place. We are really lucky to have such great guys living right here. (And no, they aren’t even aware of this post. That is, until one of you spills the beans that I’ve shared my sources.)

Oh yes, back to “The Chaps.” My cowboy likes to haul all kinds of things with him wherever he goes. These chaps got rave reviews from him not only because they were well made and handsome, but because they have a pocket on both sides for handy things like fencing pliers, hoof nippers, extra saddle strings, some jerky, a peppermint (or three), his pocketknife and who knows what else!

Here he is still waiting for the little guy to come out of the house … 

And wouldn’t you know it … the cry from inside the house is that our littlest cowboy needs help with his boots and spurs. So, Cowboy Daddy is gonna have to go in and fetch the young one out. (This is it, my last chance to get that “perfect” shot … of the chaps … )

And then they are both back in the saddle. As they ride off into the sunset, waving to Mom as they go, I wonder, “Does he really think I would take that many pictures of his horse?” His smile tells me: my gig as a secret agent is up, I think he is starting to get the idea. I may not make it as his paparazzi after all. 

But it was fun while it lasted. I hope you didn’t mind me stealing his blog and “guest blogging”… Maybe next time I will sneak down and really get pictures of the kids and horses…


Lisa H