Friday, October 25, 2024

Red Steagall’s 33rd Annual Cowboy Gathering

Ft. Worth Stockyards

Fort Worth, Texas 76164

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“Thirty three years ago, a group of us gathered in the conference room upstairs in the Cowtown Coliseum. We all felt that Fort Worth was the perfect location for a cowboy poetry gathering. Even though we had 11 inches of rain that first weekend, we’re still here after over 30 years of celebration. We put together a program that, even today, celebrates the men and women who make their living horseback working cattle to provide beefsteak for the dinner tables of America. In 30+ years, we have continued to grow and serve as a platform to present competitions for our scholarship program awarded to young people which, as of today, exceeds $1,000,000. The award is made to deserving young people who want to further their education. Our audience is from all over this great nation as well as other parts of the planet. The excitement of the ranch rodeo, the entertainment value of the cowboy music and poetry presentations, the sights, sounds, and smells of the chuckwagon camp, and the time spent dancing to western swing music make for a fun-filled family western weekend. Our sincere thanks to all of the folks who have supported us for over 30 years.”  – Red Steagall