Low in the Snow

December 13, 2011

By R.W. Hampton



Well winter’s sure set in here at Clearview Ranch. While the boys and I were gone to Texas on our last road trip, my wife offered to babysit our good friend Shelly’s two Corgi dogs.  Neither of the pooches are house-broke so Lisa made them a home in our backyard. 

And then it snowed. Over six inches. 

Now that I’m home and my gigs for the year have wrapped up, it’s time to take my pencil and paper in hand and get back to writing songs. But, to be quite honest, here lately I’ve lacked inspiration. Between a flu bug I picked up at the Western Music Awards which lasted a month and a root canal on Thursday, I haven’t really had much to write about that would make good song material. That was until today when I spent the afternoon in the back yard chopping wood and after watching our two visitors try to make a home in snow that is 3 inches deeper than their legs are, I think I finally have some inspiration. 

So how about a new Christmas song that goes something like:

It’s Christmas time and my credit card won’t go/ I’m feeling low/ Like a Corgi in the snow

What do ya think? Is it a Nashville hit in the making? 

I think I’m feeling better already! 

Merry Christmas!  – RDub

Do you have a line that I can add to this? or have any better ideas I should be working on here? Send me your Christmas inspirations!


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  1. Chris Reinke says:

    Hey RW, was reading that you had flu and not feeling so well. I hope you get to feeling better, but i have a idea for a new song for ya!!. It’s about a guy who turns 50! retired from police and fire work and thinks he should start riding saddle bronc horse’s again after a thirty year lay off Love to hear what you have to say about that in a song! Take care Chris

  2. Lisa Hampton says:

    ahhhh Chris now that brings several images to mind.

    R.W. says “Chris! Sounds like an interesting slant on the ol’ mid-life crisis scenerio! If you are suffering these symptoms you are seriously in our prayers! Ride one for me buddy!”

    Thanks for the comment and song suggestion… Pure Inspiration

  3. Janice Ciarla says:

    I can relate after living with Corgis for 22 years!! Once had to shovel 12″ of snow so mine wouldn’t get lost in the yard. Lisa could have housebroke the little buggers (so smart they would have caught on immediately) and then let them sleep in bed with the kids – they make great foot warmers. Just like Lay’s potato chips, can’t stop with just one!

    I’m working on lyrics for the a Corgi Jiggle Bells. You should have it by evening. Here’s a teaser.

    “Dashing through the snow in my Corgi powered sleigh, o’er the roads they go, barking all the way. Bells on their bob tails sway, making the trip alright.” What fun it is to slip and slide, ’til the Corgis sleep tonight.”

    So I better just stick to writng a book, not lyrics to a new song. Merry Merry Christmas

  4. Ken Puccio says:

    Howdy R.W. Say, do ya ever get up Montana way to play? I sure am a fan of your music. I have a couple that are especialy dear to my heart. Catch ya again. Happy New Year to you and Lisa. God Bless! and Happy Trails!

  5. Barbara says:

    Snow? What snow? We didn’t get much back East. They are calling it the winter that wasn’t. My friend has a bumper sticker that reads,” real dogs don’t have tails”. Those little guys you took care of had big smiles even in the snow if that picture is any indication..

  6. Lori Browne says:

    I’m a year and a month late to this – and after putting two and two together, it’s with my slowest head shake ever that I suspect 6″ of snow, a root canal, pain medication, Christmas and 2 Corgi’s who aren’t house broke don’t collide into anything I’d want to hum along to….unless my inspiration happened to be 6 feet of snow, 2 root canals, no pain medication, Christmas, and 4 bears just ambled in the back door.

    Then by golly writing the first version would be a piece of cake!

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