RW Hampton - Cadillac


August 2, 2019

By R.W. Hampton

I was cleaning out my office and ran across this Kurt Markus photo from an old Western Horseman Magazine article dated September 1981. After all these years I still remember this rangy, stockin’ legged, blaze faced, 4yr old with great fondness! He really tested me and taught me a lot. Through the days weeks and months out with the wagon, we became very close. He came to be called “Cadillac” because of his long, smooth, country covering trot. When I left the old Quien Sabe Ranch, the boss put him in his string. Now I know ol Cadillac is long since gone but I’ll always remember him as the best “outside circle” horse this Canadian River CowPuncher ever rode!

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  1. Eloise says:

    You write so well! I’m looking forward to some more stories.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS to the most deserving gentlemen we know R.W. Hampton! Since meeting you at Western Legends in 2002 (thanks to friends The Comstock Cowboys telling us to attend, as they were performing) we have seen you a few times, but not nearly enough!!! You were so kind/loving to my elderly Cousin Ed, in Kanab and at Maverick’s Coffee House, Visalia, CA!! I cherish the photo I have of you and Ed!! You are “the real deal”, exemplifying the Christian life!! As we witnessed you do in Bridgeport, CA, where YOU were the “one man church” service! God has used you tremendously, as He still does, to His Glory! Blessings o Lisa and the Family as well! If we do not meet again (Montana is so FAR)in this life…see ‘ya “up Yonder” one day!! Phil. 1:3-6

  3. Solace Munn says:

    I have a print that i believe to be of rw hampton. Would just like some info on it.

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