Crossing Over

May 5, 2012

By R.W. Hampton


Last night as a full moon rose and a dying sun fell behind the Sangre De Christo’s, Calvin Danner Hampton made his “Crossing Over”.

Leading the Flag Ceremony

 Calvin and his Fellow Cub Scouts

Recieving the Arrow of LightThis “Crossing” was on a narrow footbridge spanning the tiny but fast Rayado River on the Philmont Scout Ranch.  Our Calvin, along with his fellow “Cubs” had received their Arrow of Light Awards earlier in the evening. 

Hugging 'Ol Dad

When they stepped foot on this bridge made of telephone poles & 2×12’s they were Cub Scouts.  As they joined their peers, leaders & families waiting on the other side, these lads had made the “Cross-Over” and fulfilled the requirements and earned the honor to be called Boy Scouts!

Calvin recieves his new Boy Scout Scarf

5 Responses

  1. Janice J Ciarla says:

    Congratulations Calvin Danner Hampton. Next thing you know, you’ll be an Eagle Scout! Hope to see you and Ethan in Enid next month when your dad sings at Cowboy Church.

  2. Belinda Gail says:

    Sooooooo proud of you Danner!!!!!!!!!! Wish we could have been there Hugs and Blessings Aunt B & Uncle Bob

  3. John Loewen says:

    What a great tradition! I was a Boy Scout in my youth and have fond memories and pride from that time. God bless you, Calvin, as you build memories that will last you a lifetime.

  4. Carl Rice says:

    Calvin Danner,
    Grandma Phyllis and I were thrilled to have been able to attend your”Crossing Over” ceremony. WE are so proud of you, keep yp the good work.
    We love you much,

    “Grandpa Carl and “Grandma” Phyllis

  5. Charlie Stutesman says:

    Congratulations Calvin. I know that I will be able to call you a brother Eagle Scout in no time.

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