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Input Needed…

November 17, 2014

By R.W. Hampton

Yes…. we need your help!

And I’ve drug out the “cute puppy” ploy to get your attention!

You see, I released my new album a couple of weeks ago but being the “one-stop shop” that independent labels are, we ran out of time (*and money) to get the website built and current for the release!  So, now that the album is out, Lisa and I are working on making some updates to the website and I am here to ask for your help…  complete with pleading puppy dog eyes….

Yes, we know it’s a mess right now but before we make a bunch of changes we want to make sure we are meeting your current needs & what you look for when you go to a website versus following a social media page in today’s world of instant gratification….

First off, can you let us know what pages you go to from the home page on band/musician’s websites?

Secondly, what do you like to find on websites & what do you tend to skip over?

Thirdly, Why are you going to the site? To make a purchase, see a schedule of appearances or learn about an artist that is new to you?

Lastly, how important are photographs, videos, and news articles?  What about the bio & discography? Do you read their blogs?

Do you look for certain things in the “store” pages and do you download songs from an artist directly or from a major supplier like iTunes or Amazon?

All comments are welcome as this is an investment that we want to do right! I look forward to hearing what you want & creating a fun place to visit!

PS – If you want to email me about my  “old” site right now please feel free. The address is rwhampton (at sign) & just for stopping by if you order anything by phone (1-800-392-0822) or online use the CODE: WebHelp to get $2.00 off your order of $10.00 or more! (oh yeah, and feel free to share! Aren’t those eyes adorable?)

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