Job For A Cowboy

July 30, 2010

By R.W. Hampton

Take one cowboy (any age) mounted on a good,  solid, reliable horse (white, of course). Now take a woman (young and beautiful, of course) who is drowning in a sea of despair due to a badly broken heart. A wound made all the worse due to the fact that it was inflicted by that type of sorry, low-down, black-hearted vermin who preys on trusting women.

Now did I mention that our cowboy is so sure of himself that he knows his combination of savvy, sweet-talk, crooning and caress would, on any given day, heal the crack in the Liberty Bell? Oh yes, and a broken heart is his specialty. So let’s get out of our hero’s way and let him do his job!

That’s right, take all this and you’ve got a Job For A Cowboy, which just happens to be the title of one of my new songs (of course!) on my new Austin To Boston CD.

Come on now, what woman hasn’t dreamed of being rescued by a handsome, daring cowboy in a white hat (of course!) And show me the man or boy who hasn’t dreamed of galloping into town, guns a-blazing (of course), to rescue a damsel in distress. 

Ahhh, you’re in luck, and I’m going to show you how to apply these heroic principles on a modern day level. You see, right now my wife is pulling up to the ol’ ranch house with a huge load of groceries and supplies from town. I’ll just don my whitest hat (of course) and go out and say, “I’ll get these, Ma’am.” Even though we’ve been married for forever, I can still impress her by grunting and groaning and flexing my muscles as I carry this stuff into the house. 

But wait! This is not what I had in mind. She bats her pretty eyes and says, “I can handle them, but if you really want to help,” (and I think I do, of course), “our youngest has needed a diaper change since I left the store.” And folks, we live a long way from town!

Well, it looks like I’ve got a job to do. It’s not very glamorous, but a cowboy’s work is never done. So take a tip from me, forget everything I told you and just enjoy my new song, Job For A Cowboy. And… let me know how you like it. (Of course!)

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  1. Angie Black says:

    OMG! This song really fits my life! I always dreamed of my hero rididng up on his white horse in his big silver-belly Stetson (of course) and sweeping me off my feet. He showed up several years ago and now we are in the middle of raising 3 kids. Between pee-wee rodeo, little league baseball and both of us trying to keep our jobs it seems like we just pass in the night!
    RW I love your music! it is so heartfelt and always makes me smile! So glad I found you.

  2. Bobbi Moss says:

    Been married to my cowboy with the big white Stetson, of course, for 42 years next month. He still thinks he can save the day, and better than that, so do I. I am truly blessed with my cowboy, in the big white Stetson, of course. Thanks R. W. for your music, a for preserving the cowboy way.

  3. Helen Farley says:


  4. Julia Shore says:

    Sounds like my Cowboy, I love it. Great job, GREAT SONG…wtg RW

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