Name That Colt!

June 7, 2010

By R.W. Hampton

Well, friends, I’m here today to ask for some help: our newest Clearview Ranch baby needs a name!

That’s right. Lisa, the boys and I can’t seem to agree on any name that fits this little fella. So we’re gonna leave it up to you.

Take a look at the video here and give us your idea for a name for this new colt.

Leave your suggested name for the colt in the “Comments” section below before midnight on Saturday, June 12 MT.

We’ll gather all the names folks have submitted via this blog, on Facebook, and through Twitter. Lisa, Danner, Ethan and I will pick the three suggested names the family likes the best. These three names will become the official “finalists” of our name search.

Next week, all my fans can vote for whichever of the three names they like the most. The name receiving the greatest number of votes is the one we’ll name the colt.

It’s gonna be interesting to see what we all come up with in this little “name game,” so join in and let’s have us some fun!!

P.S. The colt’s parents’ names are Ms. Molly Freckles, and Sport N Bet, a Bet Your Blue Boons stud. We like CV A Solid Bet or CV Bet on Me for AQHA, but that barn name has escaped us!

** It is with great sadness that we unexpectedly lost our colt Chaco this past February 2012.  He had turned into a really neat colt with a fantastic attitude and willingness to be handled.   We want to thank everyone who helped to name him and we were honored to be able to share his antics on and here at the ranch with so many who also fell in love with him.  

80 Responses

  1. Jan Pearcy says:

    That sweet colt reminds me of chocolate, so why not — CHOCOLATE!

  2. Joan Kahl says:

    I would call the colt, Stormy or Molly’s Dark of the Moon. Since I don’t have the parents registered names and backgrounds, these names would be their barn names.Beautiful colt looks real inquisitive, and alert, great signs for great horses. I bet Annie dog was eating the same thing my dog eats out in the pasture. (Horse Apples)Whatever the name the colt looks like a fine animal.

  3. Joan Kahl says:

    I doon’t know if you recieved my reply, I said that I would name the colt STORMY, or MOLLY’S DARK OF THE MOON. He was born on a stormy night, and he has no white on him so he’s as dark as the dark of the Moon. As for Annie dogs breath she has probably been eating the same thing my dogs eat out in the pasture, Horse Apples.

  4. Hey RW, Lisa and Kids!

    How ’bout Booger Brown!

    Or Brown Jug We had a big brown gelding named Brown Jug at the time I thought it was the most stupid name that my dad or uncle could have come up with. But he was an outstand ranch horse and I never forgot him.

    Send rain!
    Linda Kirkpatrick
    Leakey, Texas

  5. Don Sessom says:


  6. “Anything but Sue” Now I like that!

  7. Ken Krusemark says:

    Well, you old folks seem to keep loosing them out of the nest, so maybe Colter would be appropriate. I also think you have a thing for initials so TW might work -stands for Tail Wind. Have fun, let us know when you go to break him so I can come take some videos of that!

  8. Lynda Harris says:

    What is the name of the sire and dam?

  9. Lynda Harris says:

    RWS Dark Chocolate aka Coco

  10. Ken Steele says:

    Howdy R.W.,
    How about Hamptons’Cimmarron Chord; Chord or C Chord for short… Ties your music and that beautiful GOD’s country together.
    Psalms 121: 1&2.
    Vaya Con Dios
    Ken Steele

  11. Marcia Hahn says:

    Valiant. It just seems to fit.

  12. How About Sepia Fox. He looks pretty foxy and sepia always brings up images of old photographs like album covers with a cool western guy and his guitar on the front.

  13. Pat Crowley says:

    How about the name “Major”, the colt is not fearful, ready to take off, ready for life. It’s what it takes for the equine or human being. Love those foals. Pat

  14. Hey R.W.,
    That’s a really nice blog site! I came up with two names: either “scamper” or “Friendly”? He seems really
    friendly and he does scamper around.

  15. travis says:

    I would say either “Midnight” for the timeframe that he was born in, or “Twister” for his feisty attitude from the video.

  16. Roger Coles says:

    What a beautiful colt. A fitting name for one who runs so free and born on a February day would be “Breeze”. He runs free as the breeze. Alway good to hear from you and may God continue to bless your family.

    In His Grip

  17. Cindy Carter says:

    I think that he should be called Dark Knight. Knights’ were fearless and brave.

  18. Jackie Carter says:

    He should be called Stormy Knight.

  19. Arthur Welty says:

    I would name the colt “Rocker” for your Great Grandad’s old rocker that you enjoy….

  20. Rosa Lee Johnson says:

    Just call him Stormy after the night that he call into this worlk on a stormy ngiht.

  21. Bob and Coleen says:

    When I got to see this beautiful colt it reminded me of a warm rich hot cup of cocoa. So I am gonna go with Cocoa.

  22. Ron Craddock says:

    He is perky so Perk W. Hampton, nicknamed Perky.

  23. John R. Iler says:

    Well, my favorite TV show was Stargate SG1, so I recommend you call him “Stargate.”

  24. Betty Anslinger says:

    How about Sinbad?

  25. Jo Ann Nicolas says:

    “Jim Dandee!”

  26. Mike Halikowski says:

    How about SHADOW.


    Mike Halikowski

  27. Bob Marhenke says:

    I would name him “Zev” It is a Hebrew name meaning “Wolf” or it can be short for Zevulun which means “to honor” or “to Exalt”. It is also a Horse name. Next choice is “Bob” Thanks Bob

  28. Hi R.W.
    Thank you for your email so I could take part in the wonderful naming of your sweet colt. I’ve always liked the name “Lightening” for a horse…If I owned one I would give it that name. Its so distinguished. Awww and gives the horse the fame like he is a FAMOUS celebrity star! And also so suited for either a male or female horse. HeHaw! Quick as lightening! Very exciting can’t wait to see what name he will have…

  29. Hi R.W.
    So sweet of you to give the opportunity of taking part in naming your beautiful colt. (Lightening). He Haw! Quick as lightening…If I owned a horse I’d give him that name. As it sounds so distinguished. Like he is very famous and bright as a star…Awww I loved the video and listened to your song too. It was so wonderful to hear you sing for the first time. Thank you R.W. I’m always a BIG fan…


  30. Bll Taylor says:

    Shiner – Looks like he might have the coat to go with the name. Brush him with long strokes and often.

    Garland, TX …not far from your folks.

  31. RoLayne Poll says:

    My husband named one of my colts “Hoot” because he was such a hoot to raise and train. It looks like you have one of those. After all, most horses “earn” their names and he looks like he will earn this one. Good Luck and enjoy.

  32. jackie Swenson says:

    I would name him ZEPHYR meaning gentle westerly wind perhaps like the night that he was born, maybe he will run like the wind too!

  33. David Talley says:

    Shadow Dancer….nuff said

  34. Bobbi Moss says:

    Mousse—as in chocolate mousse.

  35. KITTIE COX says:

    What about HOSPITABLE because of his encounter with the dog!

    My little one wants to suggest: TRUSTY the Horse!



    CoCo for his coloring



  36. Ruth Ryan says:

    Watching the beautiful little dark brown darling racing around I think Shadow Racer would be a good name for him

  37. KITTIE COX says:

    OK –Now I cannot stop thinking of names………….

    But COYOTE MOON just keeps sticking in my mind!!!

  38. T Broaddus says:

    Hey RW, Lisa, and crew,

    The colt was born on my brother’s birthday and his nickname is Buzz … how about it, or Buzz Boy?

    Hoping we all get rain soon. Good to see you ABQ at the 4-H Leadership conf. Have a great summer!


  39. John Williamson says:

    Dear Hampton Family: By the looks of the video that colt has a lot of energy … kinda’ RAMBUNCTIOUS if you know what I mean. Maybe RAMBO for short. God bless ya’ll!

  40. Jim Frost says:

    Critter….never know what’s next!

  41. Heidi Manley says:

    Indigenous! Indy for short! but would represent just about everyone and ethnic group! He’s a special colt, and feisty at that! He will bring lots of joy to everyone!

    The adjective indigenous has the common meaning of “from” or “of the original origin”. Therefore, in a purely adjectival sense any given people, ethnic group or community may be described as being indigenous in reference to some particular region or location.[4]

  42. Lisa Ann says:

    RODEO( since he kicks up his heels)

  43. Francis McNally says:

    I think PRINCE would be a good name for your beautiful colt!Keep singing those great western songs R.W. Adios amigo!

  44. Eddie Lanham says:

    I think the colt should be named after General Wade Hampton’s favorite horse. His name was “Butler.”
    I will explain the reason for my selection below.

    On September 3, 1863, Wade was promoted to major general. It would take until the spring of 1864 for Hampton to recover from his wounds to resume command of his veteran division. With Stuart’s death on May 12, Lee turned to Hampton for command of his Cavalry Corps. He set out to engage the enemy immediately. Hampton’s performance in the June battle of Trevilian Station justified Lee’s decision to place the big man in charge of a big task. In this, the Civil War’s largest all-cavalry battle, Hampton’s determination, tenacity, and brilliant tactics enabled the gray clad troopers to route the Federal horsemen led by Philip Sheridan, who not only outnumbered him, but were also armed with the new repeating rifles. The fierce clash, which had erupted in dense woods, forced the troopers to fight dismounted. In the heat of the struggle, Hampton saw the opportunity to mount an assault against the Federals in a dusty clearing near the Virginia Central Railroad. “Charge them, my brave boys, charge them!” Hampton yelled, and led the attack himself atop his favorite horse,named “Butler.” The battle continued into the next day, when a bold Confederate counterattack broke the Federal line. On the 13th, the defeated Sheridan retreated without destroying the railroad, the object of his expedition. The battle of Trevilian Station was the Civil War’s truly decisive cavalry fight and the thrashing that Hampton gave Sheridan might quite possibly have extended the war another six months. As Thomas L. Rosser wrote of the event: “…Hampton whipped him (Sheridan) – defeated his purposes and turned him back.” While Hampton was in command of the Confederate Cavalry Corps through to the end of the war, he never lost a single fight.
    Eddie Lanham
    Brooks, GA

  45. Nancy White says:

    JIm Bridger was a fearless explorer and mountain man. He had an historical impact on the West and the relationship between the Indians and the white man. Had General Custer listened to Bridger, he may have lived and saved his men from massacre. I like the name BRIDGER.It would be an honor and bring back a piece of history that many times has been forgotten.
    He looks like he could carry the name well!
    Words from the song about Jim Bridger “as long as there’s a USA don’t let his memory die, he was writting history never once occured to him, but I doubt if we’d of been here, if it weren’t for men like Jim”

  46. D Allen says:

    Chads “Freedom” – in honor of Chad’s service to our country.


  47. Hal Bolinger says:

    RW, Before I even saw your video the name “Midnight” popped into my head. Then, in your video you mentioned he was born shortly after midnight. So I think you should name hime “MIDNIGHT.”

  48. Scott Stockslager says:

    A little take off from the movie “Rounders” I found it interesting on Glen Fords name “Howdy” that way everytime you walk up to him and greet him with a howdy well you know the rest…

  49. Ken Stevens says:

    R. W. And Lisa, I see his name as ‘Mr. Fancy Proud’ or ‘Mr. Proud Fancy’. Ken Stevens “Latigo”.

  50. Ken Fitting says:

    How about Western Skies. Sky for short. A great name to reflect what you have above you and a tribute to Chris LeDoux as well.

  51. Cathy Lynne says:

    Let’s name em FRISKY seems like he likes gettin into stuff and then frisks away ………….
    Enjoy your website always , enjoy more your visits to Kansas City . Hope you have one coming up this year, sometime soon. You know me from Becky and Billy Collison, I’m the tag along.Take care, God Bless you and yours. Here’s to a Lifetime of Memories along Life’s Journey.


  53. Will Arcularius says:

    “Name that Colt”
    The perfect name would be “Semper fi” meaning, always faithful…

  54. Deborah Tackett says:

    Thought of a few names for the colt:
    George (as in Curious)
    What a fun idea! Hope your clan is all well.

  55. Roy Bale says:

    Thunder !! Looks like he is causing quite a commotion, like thunder in a thunder storm. I choose Thunder.

    Thanks for keeping in touch. I listen to my R.W. cd’s, along with Don Edwards, real often.

    Roy Bale
    Linden, Texas

  56. Andy Nelson says:

    Hmmm… let’s see, he’s got dark hair, mischievous, and full of P and V. I say call him “Dub”! He can grow the mustache later.

  57. Constant Ability…or Able for short!

  58. Seems like if this colt is involved with as many as he is, maybe just plain “Hamp” might fit. Good luck with
    the naming! Best of the Best to your Family and GOD Bless
    our military .

  59. R. C. Wilson says:

    How about TRINITY to honor the triune God that created him. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!

  60. Dave Haas says:

    Name the new colt “Easy Money”

  61. wanda flanagan says:

    Midnight Storm

  62. wanda flanagan says:

    Thunders Promise

  63. Pat Dyke says:

    Lightening Storm
    Smooth as Chocolate

  64. Anne Davison says:

    Since he was born on a stormy night, I suggest


  65. Since He’s so friendly I thought “Friendly.” Or since he likes to scamper around a lot, how about “Scamper”?

  66. Brian Briggs says:

    He looks like a “Buckeye”

  67. dale maguire says:

    My Dad had a horse named Rumba and I always liked the name. Hope you like it also.

  68. Jerry & Dena Brown says:

    Cowboy Boggie….would be perfect!

  69. Gail Arcularius says:

    As I was watching the video of the colt, I was so moved by his spirit, curiosity, and tenacity. The name ‘Patriot’s Song’ (Patriot) came to mind.

  70. Jack Dangelmayr says:

    Name the colt Durango Dream….just think it fits him.

  71. Crucible–because in 6 days (June 18) my son will graduate from the U.S.M.C. in San Diego. To honor those for their courage and strength, to know they can make the grade, pass the test–this horse has all the makings.

  72. Kim Martin & John Schultz says:

    Runnin’ Wild (for “RW”)
    Nickname could be “Runner”

  73. Walt Baker says:

    Name for colt

  74. Ron Dye says:

    I liked “Stormy” too given the weather when he was born.

  75. Gerald Nielsen says:

    Name him Ninnee.—-Gerald

  76. boyd poff says:

    G S for Gentlemans Steed

  77. Laticia Dronsfield says:

    “Whit” he seems to be a little guy who will always have his whits about him.

  78. “Whit” he seems like a little guy who has his whits about him

  79. Jennie says:

    I’m not sure if you have decided on a name for your colt, i like the name bandit.

  80. Frederica says:

    Hiya! Wonderful blog! I happen to be a day-to-day visitor to your web site (somewhat much more like addict ) of this site. Just wanted to say I appreciate your blogs and am searching forward for much more!

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