July 6, 2012

By Lisa Hampton

Ethan at the local pool

<Ethan at the local swimming pool>

I don’t know about any of you, but summer kind of snuck up on me this year.

One minute I was unpacking coats and gloves from a trip to the East coast in the spring and the next it was 104′ and I needed a pedicure in order to wear any of the 75 pairs flip-flops collecting dust in my closet. (You would have to have followed R.W.’s FaceBook page for the story behind the pedicure, or lack there-of.)

So here we are already deep into summer and between applying sunscreen I have been taking lots of pictures of R.W. and the boys but of course I haven’t found the time to share them… so before summer really gets busy here is a quick peek into the past few weeks!

best friends

<Ethan & his new best friend>

Ethan learning how to throw a baseball with big brother Denver

<Big brother Denver teaching Ethan how to throw a baseball.>

Calvin Danner taking aim

<Calvin Danner taking aim with his water gun.>

Ethan at his swim lessons...trying to look like Wall-E?

<Trying to look like Wall-E?>

Annie...enjoying the dog days of summer

<Annie...enjoying the dog days of summer.>

Giving one of the dogs a bath

<The boys attempt to give Mickey, aka Snookie, aka Shorty a bath...>

Waiting for Swim Lessons

<Waiting for Swim Lessons>


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