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Target Practice

Posted on: June 26th, 2012 by R.W. Hampton 3 Comments
Cell Phone Demolition 101

Cell Phone Demolition 101

Many of you will remember a few weeks back I came to my Facebook friends for advice on a dilemma I was facing. My cell phone had decided to quit me cold at the absolute worst time.  A week or so later I threatened the phone with a bullet and it miraculously worked again. I then couldn’t decide if I should shoot my unfaithful “quitter” phone & get a new one or try to figure out what was wrong with the old one and make it last a few more months.  Well, almost without exception your collective advice was “Get a sweet new phone then shoot the old &*^*%*!”

So after finally making that trip to town and dealing with the phone salesman for a new “completely dependable” model.

Well, that’s just what I did & I gotta tell ya, it was a beautiful, liberating experience!

Calvin helped me by playing photo journalist and documenting the affair for your enjoyment.

My Target

My Target... the Unfaithful Phone

Perfect Shot

A Perfect Shot

My good-neighbor Rob caught the fever & he’s bringing over a coffee maker, alarm clock, and his wife’s phone.

Yes sir, there is true therapy, healing and just plain pure pleasure in taking target practice on those small “lectric” gadgets that quit us just when we are depending on them.  Right now I’ve got a wrist watch that may “get it” if it doesn’t stop losing time!

Anyhow, as much as I love music, I think I have found something else I’m good at & love even more!

Up Close

Up Close of the "One Bullet Wonder"

So, if you’ve got a cell phone that needs a permanent solution, send it on over!  The boys and I will “drill it” with the old 45, photograph it & send it back to you with a note of “authentification” from yours truly!

My first "hit"... a 2009 model Motorola Razor

My first "hit"... a 2009 model Motorola Razor


No more dropped calls on that phone! LOL

Now to just go figure out how to run that new one…..

Yours truly,


P.S.  Make sure you take out the SIM card!

Mail your “unfaithful” phone to: R.W. Hampton, PO Box 150, Cimarron NM 87714 and I will shoot it, take a picture with your phone, sign it and send it back… and maybe even include some music or other goodies….