September 9, 2010

By R.W. Hampton

It seems like only yesterday that I watched in horror, disbelief and anger as our world was forever changed. Changed in the way we travel. Changed in the way we view our neighbors. But most profoundly for me, it is the fact that once again, we are sending our sons and daughters off to war.

Now let me be the first to say that I believe this is a must! For when you are attacked by a ruthless and cowardly enemy, you cannot shiver in the darkness waiting for the next hit. Nor can you afford the naïve and idealistic thinking that sanctions, trade embargoes and talks will stop it.

No, I believe that “taking it to them” is not only the right thing to do, but the only thing to do. I can say this with honesty because my oldest son is, as of this writing, doing just that, “takin’ it to ‘em!”

Coop and his buddy TBird

The problem for me is the nagging doubt I have that our government will let our sons and daughters do the job for which they are trained and willing to give their lives for. This doubt is strongly reinforced every time I read about how the troops remaining in Iraq are already back in the action and under fire. It is reinforced now when I hear Washington has already told our enemies in Afghanistan when we are going to be done and headed home. We need to let our sons and daughters know that we are behind them and let them win for a change and the payoff is a safer world for them to come home to. We owe this to our finest so that no one will have bled and died in vain.

At a time when elections are on the horizon and much is at stake politically, I want to tell our politicians from all parties , “Do what you must, but do not use my son or anyone else’s as your pawns. No, let them do their jobs. You cannot fight this war from your cherry-wood-and-leather-appointed chambers. No, it must be fought outside and over there, and it must be fought to win, and your Senate or Congressional seat be damned!”

As I close, I am looking at the picture of a young, proud, square-jawed Marine. At the bottom he has written, “We are the unwanted, doing the unthinkable, for the ungrateful. WE ARE THE MARINES.” This is my own son, and I pray his sentiments are wrong, and I pray for our leaders.

God Bless America and May We Never Forget September 11th!
R.W. Hampton

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  1. Semper Fi …. Wife of a Marine, Mom of Soldier and Marine Sons…

    RW, I have been sending Support Boxes to Iraq and Afghanistan deployed men and women for over 3 years and would love to put your son on our list. We send hoping to reach those not getting mail and while I”m sure your son is getting mail, love and care from home, a lot are not. If he has anyone in his sight not getting mail, I’ll get boxes, letters and cards out quickly. Just need a name and address. Our website is listed above and if we can get a break from work and sending boxes, we’ll update with some new photos and letters. Until then, we keep the postal service in business.

    God bless you, your family and especially your MARINE SON and HIS BROTHERS.

    Semper Fi,
    Momma Jodi

  2. Semper Fi …A Marine, two combat tours VietNam, friend and fan of Cooper, RW and the whole Hampton clan. I am one of those who can say “Been there, done that” didn’t even get a T shirt. The parells of this conflict and VietNam are frightening and so sad we have not learned anything in the past 30 years. This will end the same as VietNam, we will have a “honorable withdrawal” of US troops, the locals will go into civil war and the outcome will be what the people of that nation want, which may or may not be what the USA wanted to happen. The Marines will do as they have always done,they will serve our country at the will of there Commander in Chief and do so with honor. Politics are not the business of Marines, they are warriors. I agree with Cooper’s sign off ““We are the unwanted, doing the unthinkable, for the ungrateful” That is what Marines have always done and will always do. I am gratefull and so proud of Cooper, he is a Marine’s Marine. May God Bless..Semper Fi

  3. Joe Bob Hicks says:

    As a former combat veteran and father of two former combat vets, thank you and well said. May God bless you, your family and all U.S. Service members.

    All the best,
    Joe Bob Hicks

    P.S. Looking forward to seeing you in Enid.

  4. I cant get enought of your writing!

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