Name That Colt, Part 2

June 17, 2010

By R.W. Hampton

Well, everyone, after a great amount of family discussion, several rounds of elimination and a couple of serious games of rock-paper-scissors, we have narrowed it down to the final three colt names for you to vote on!!!!

We want to thank everyone for ALL the great suggestions! We had almost 250 names suggested for us to consider! We had to eliminate some good ones as they were already taken by current or previous members of our “pet family” or horse herd, and some will be considered when it comes time to register him formally. These final three all seem to fit his personality and we will be thrilled to go with the one that gets the most votes!

#1 – Butler (suggested by Eddie Lanham). This was the name of General Wade Hampton’s favorite horse that he rode into battle – including being ridden in the battle of Gettysburg. R.W. says, “Now, you talk about a broke horse! I’ll bet he was something else.”

#2 – Choco (suggested by Marsha McCleary). We all liked the names associated with chocolate as it is sweet, rich and loved by all of us; and this colt looks like he’s gonna be a smooth solid brown. It didn’t hurt that anything chocolate is R.W.’s personal choice when grabbing a midnight snack! This version of “chocolate” is unique and fun and has a nice ring to it.

#3 – Roscoe (suggested by several folks). Our friends had a big black gelding who was gentle, but full of personality. He died this spring peacefully of old age, after having been around long enough to have helped several of the kids in these parts learn to ride and develop a deep love for horses. We include this name in honor of Roscoe and the fun that he symbolizes to us.

Please cast your vote using the poll on the upper right hand side of this page. The poll is now open. The poll is now closed. Vote for your favorite name before midnight, June 23 and help us pick this little guy a name he can grow into!

Mother and colt

All the best from R.W., Lisa and the rest of the Clearview Ranch family!

11 Responses

  1. Lynda Harris says:

    I suggested Coco too but spelled it correctly according to dictionary.

    Lynda Harris says:
    June 9, 2010 at 6:45 pm

    RWS Dark Chocolate aka Coco
       /ˈkoʊkoʊ/ Show Spelled[koh-koh]

    – no dictionary results

  2. Rosa Lee Johnson says:

    Well lets name it Butler. Sounds good.

  3. R. C. Wilson says:

    R. W. & family,
    I think Choco (short for chocolate I’m sure) is the name that applies. God Bless You All!!!

    R. C.

  4. Jan Pearcy says:

    I vote for Choco! Anything related to chocolate!

  5. Judy Lindquist says:

    I vote for Choco — its unique and ready to build new memories on…

  6. Gail Arcularius says:

    We vote for Choco… hope you show continued pics of this
    little guy. Will he stay with you? In any event, hope you have
    his training done with gentle hands.
    Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of naming him.
    Will & Gail

  7. Kim Gee Dickson says:

    I like Roscoe, of course my dad is Robert and my husband is Rodney, so I tend to like “R” names. Oh and you are R.W., and I always thought you hung the moon, so there you go! God bless you! I love how you are including us with the video tapes. We have a border collie whose breath stinks, too. LOL

  8. I would have said Stormy, stormy night when he was born, get it? or Cherokee.I am a bit slow on the draw with this name thing.hope your Birthday was great.

  9. Wanda Borman says:

    I vote for Choco, it’s smooth and sweet and no age attached!!

  10. Lisa Ann says:

    History every time—I vote Butler–notice most of the Choco votes come from females. I am a female also but prefer history over food.

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