She’s Not For Sale

May 28, 2012

By R.W. Hampton

American Flag @ Washington Cemetary

Not For Sale

There’s a trail of blood

Back through the sacred halls of history

Follow it back to where our fathers fought and died

Across the waves see the crosses on the hillside

On the wind hear their voices as they cry

We’ve got to get back

To the faith of our fathers

And find our way back

To the Liberty Bell

And never forget that ol’ flag

And all she stands for

It’s time to rise up and say

“This country’s not for sale!”

She’s not for sale

From Valley Forge they’re callin’

Not for sale

From Gettysburg they cry

From Belleauwood to the battle for Fallujah

She’s not for sale no, not at any price

There was a time

When we all stood together

There was a time

When by fire we were tried

But we lost our way

And it’s a way that cost so dearly

It’s not too late

To saddle up and ride

We’ve got to get back

To the faith of our fathers

And find our way back

To the Liberty Bell

And never forget

That ol’ flag and all she stands for

It’s time to tell Washington

“My country’s not for sale!”

From the Alamo hear ’em call

To the sands of Iwo Jima

From Normandy hear ’em cry

To that Chossen Reservoir

Back to Battan

To the muddy Mekong Delta

From the Helmand Province

To the Solomon’s bloody shores

They cry

We’ve got to get back

To the faith of our fathers

Written by R.W. and Lisa Hampton – ©June 2010

Flags at Sunset

Hampton’s Cimarron Sounds, BMI

R.W. is in the process of recording this song as well as another, “Hell in a Helmet” with the proceeds to be donated to a Wounded Warrior program close to his heart.

If you are interested in contributing to this cause please contact the Hamptons at rw@rwhamton(dot)com or call their office in New Mexico 1-800-392-0822.

To see R.W.’s Youtube Version of this song recorded on his porch at Clearview Ranch right after the song was written click here:

5 Responses

  1. Rob Mitchell says:

    As I sit here reflecting on what Memorial Day is to me. I think of all the Warriors who gave their lives so that the very freedoms we all take for granted are and were protected. I think about those who made the ultimate sacrifice but also those who came home but paid a high price too. So while you enjoy your day off, enjoy grilling enjoy your day BUT TAKE a moment and say thanks to those great Warriors those HEROS and if you see a Veteran thank them!

  2. Rob Mitchell says:

    BTW thank you for your music, your cowboy values I listen to your music everyday and it makes my day that much better.

  3. Helen Olsen says:

    Memorial Day so many people consider it a day for family members who have passed away and it is but it should be so much more. As i visited my family members in various cemetaries today I always look for the veterans who gave their lives so I may enjoy the freedom I have today. We are should remember their ultimate sacrifice for us to be free. I always say a prayer and stop a moment at each fallen heroes grave. For me the Flag will never be for sale and their sacrifice will never be forgotten. I will always remember – We all need to remember.

  4. Gordon Runer says:

    In memory, with gratitude, quiet sorrow, and everlasting thanks…

    I can’t put it any more simple than that. I am a volunteer firefighter in my Eastern New Mexico town and we put out flags in front of businesses on holidays. While putting them out in the morning and picking them up in the evening it gives me time to reflect on what that flag really and truly means to me. In the cool of the morning air I could not help but be taken back by the complete and total dedication of the men and women of our military. A dedication to a flag and a country that if asked of them they would lay down their life. These individuals can see the big picture, that there is something bigger than ourselves worth fighting for. I pray that the families of those who have been killed while fighting for our freedom know how much their sacrifice means to me.

  5. Thanks you for this.

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